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Bed Bug Treatment

Eco-Friendly - Guaranteed for 90 Days

If the Pests come back, we will too.

The Pest Assured team is 100% committed to providing safe, effective pest programs for your family and business. Our expertise allows us to provide Eco-Friendly, Integrated Pest Management practices, with zero tolerance for pest activity.

Bed Bug Program Options

Conventional Treatment 90 Day Guarantee

Includes liquid, dust and aerosol application to the room and furniture. Box spring and mattress should have a bed bug cover installed, or discarded.Room is re-inspected within 7 days after treatment and released. 

Thermal Chamber Treatment 90 Day Guarantee

Includes conventional treatment and thermal chamber treatment of mattress, box spring, headboard, and bed frame members.  Items do not need to be discarded.  Room is typically released within three days upon a full re-inspection.  Adjoining rooms should be inspected.  Thermal treatment kills all stages of bed bugs, including the eggs.


Pro-Active Bed Bug Program Options

Residual Application

  • Inspection and application of insecticide dust in cracks, crevices and void
    areas throughout the facility.

  • Designed to provide long-term residual in the areas bed bugs will typically
    seek for harborage when introduced.

Employee Training Session

  • Training performed for front-line team members/housekeeping staff to help
    employees understand bed bug biology and identification.

  • Excellent pictures.

  • Subtitled in Spanish.


Contact us today to receive a free home inspection and assessment so you can and your family can “Rest Assured with Pest Assured”.

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